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NBA Free Agency: Winners/Losers; East Edition
July 19, 2009, 12:25 am
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NBA free agency has been stirring with moves and signings since it began earlier this month. Some teams have reloaded for next year while others simply dumped salary while awaiting the Class of 2010, with the likes of LeBron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh becoming available. Of course, there have been both Winners and Losers.


Orlando Magic

Despite losing point-forward/clutch player Hedo Turkoglu and rookie sensation Courtney Lee, the Magic are Winners. Orlando signed the still talented Vince Carter for a more proven threat at the 2 position. They also secured the rights to a young, blossoming power forward in Brandon Bass from Dallas. This addition allows Rashard Lewis to return to the Small Forward position which will make for better matchups against bigger frontlines like the Lakers and Spurs. Finally, Orlando was able to match an offer for Marcin Gortat, who proved to be a solid backup Center for their Superman in the middle.

Boston Celtics

Despite only one major move, the Celtics are looking to return to their championship form already. Rasheed Wallace will help on defense with his length, strength, and experience. On offense, he will be another scoring threat in both the post and out on the wing. ‘Sheed, coupled with The Boston Threeparty of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen, a young explosive Point Guard in Rondo, and a serviceable bench (even if Big Baby Davis leaves) should allow the Celtics to push toward the Trophy once again (barring injuries of course).

To Be Continued ASAP


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Somewhat suggestive parts of your post, taken out of context:

The discussion of Rasheed Wallace’s “length, strength, and experience.”

“The Boston Threeparty”

a “serviceable” bench

Is Yao Ming done forever?

Comment by Dan

Haha those are pretty good Dan I didn’t realize how suggestive my writing was. Hope that didn’t hurt me in Honors, but whatever lol.

I have a bad feeling that Yao is done forever. But Zydrunas Ilgauskas had similar foot issues and had the same surgery years ago and he’s been fine since (If not being able to run up and down the court is fine lol). I hope he can play again though I do like him as a player.

Comment by b1rdmanonthemoon

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