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Thoughts: Brett Favre
August 18, 2009, 6:09 pm
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Brett Favre needs to re-retire. This guy is in my opinion the most selfish player in NFL history. He made a huge mess in Green Bay, then he cried on every network and “retired”. Then he snuck back into the NFL with the Jets. That went well. He threw 21 TD’s to even out his 21 INT’s and failed to make the playoffs. (In the one year the Jets had a chance, considering Tom Brady’s injury and the surprising Dolphins led by the Jets former QB Mr. Chadwick Pennington.)

So, naturally, after such a great performance last year, Favre “retired” again. I was extremely happy because I would never have to hear about him on Sportscenter again. Until news was reported that the Vikings were interested. But Favre stayed strong in his retirement,

UNTIL TODAY. This guy is now expected to sign a $10-12 million deal with the Vikings pending a physical. So, once again, Favre has come out of “retirement” to skip all the off season stuff every single other player on the team has had to deal with because he’s Brett Favre and doesn’t need minicamp or practice. Really Brett? Why did you break down as the Jets season wore on? Why did you get progressively worse and miss the playoffs? Because you pulled the same garbage last year and it turned out that you were not ready physically for the season.

So Congratulations to the Vikings on signing the most selfish player in NFL history. He’s also the All Time Interception leader. Good luck with a 39 old “gunslinger” QB who can’t make up his damn mind.

My Prediction: The Vikings get off to a great start like the Jets did last year, only to suffer the same fate and miss the playoffs as Favre collapses once again.


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