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Shaking My Head
October 15, 2009, 11:01 pm
Filed under: Shaking My Head

The “Balloon Boy” was found alive, somewhere in his house. I’m glad he is alive, but I’m shaking my head because this whole situation didn’t make any sense. His brother, who is 9 or 10, first reported that the boy had flown away in the balloon. For some reason, everyone involved took his word as gold and the massive search and hysteria began.

But, for some reason, not one person “on the scene” thought that maybe the brother was making the whole story up. And why did not a single person involved search the house when the “news” broke, just to be safe? This is just another ridiculous example of the lack of common sense in this country. The media and rescue people all jumped so quickly to their conclusions that they missed the fact that the kid was hiding in his own house.

Also, isn’t it odd that this happened to a family that had previously been on reality television? And the father had done work for CNN as well? Hopefully this was just a misunderstanding and not a staged event.

Wait, what was that Falcon?? You “did it for the show”?? And the dad scrambled to cover that up and failed. Nice job scaring everyone in America, Heene family. I’m still shaking my head at this.


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